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TWILIGHT Indonesian source scans (part.1)

Hi all.
I've scanned Twilight pages/articles from 2 Indonesian magazines for January issues and a 'Breaking Dawn' (Indonesian ver) pamphlete. And I'm so sorry that I can't upload them each file 'coz I have slow internet -.-" So I fit them into .zip files. But you can see the preview of them below.

Please do not remove the tag & don't forget to credits/link back to my LJ. Of course, you can add lion_lamb on the credits because I only posted these here. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Oh my God, there's so much troubles for this post XD Don't worry, I've fixed the links ^^

1. [Magazine] kaWanku (January 2009) HQ scans, 12 files, fit into 1 .zip file - Featuring:
  • Taylor Lautner (4 pages)
  • Twilight comics (5 pages)
  • Articles of Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, & Jackson Rathbone (2 pages)
  • Twilight fun (1 page)

  • Preview:

    Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

2. [Magazine] Teen (Week 4th of January 2009) HQ scans, 3 files, fit into 1 .zip file - Featuring:
  • Twilight fun quiz (1 page)
  • Taylor Lautner (1 article)
  • Robert Pattinson (1 page)

  • Preview:

    Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

3. [Pamphlete] Breaking Dawn (Indonesian edition) by Stephenie Meyer HQ scan. Release on last of January 2009.

Breaking Dawn Indonesian edition Pamphlete

Okay, that's all for this first session. I hope you enjoy ^^


Please comments if you ♥ my scans ~ Thanks!

~I will scan other magazines of mine soon ^^


The first download link is set to private, could you replace it, please?
I've fixed it ^^
Thank you so much!
ur welcome ^^
r u from Indonesia?
yes, I'm Indonesian ^^